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Onboarding Care Package: Supporting Your Team Through Digital Challenges

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Onboarding Care Package: Supporting Your Team Through Digital Challenges

The aftermaths of the Covid-19 crisis continues to shape the way we work, learn and connect, with many industries and departments being forced to reinvent their business models. While employees adjusted to remote work and Zoom meetings, we saw new digital solutions emerge rapidly, accelerating the rise of streaming, eCommerce, or cashless transactions.

Earlier this year, we asked 120 communications leaders whether they felt their communications functions had skills gaps during the pandemic - and the results of our report suggest that there is an increasing need for digital and internal communications expertise. As the job market is bouncing back, with a record number of vacancies available, it’s more important than ever before, to provide support for your existing and new employees, to ensure they are successful in their roles over the long term. 

A survey by Harvard Business Review found that just over 20% of marketing managers are satisfied with the effectiveness of their departments. The search for new talent is starting, as brands are trying to optimise their marketing to align with the shift in customer behaviour and increase in online transactions. 

To help you support your employees, VMA GROUP offers a complimentary Onboarding Care Package, which includes a variety of options, such as coaching to aid successful onboarding, professional membership to a relevant industry body, and mentoring scheme with help from experienced professionals. As you emerge from the crisis and get ready to reopen your workplace, we’re here to provide coaching and guidance, for the steps you’ll be taking within the next few weeks and months.

Opening for innovation 

Marketers have to start adapting their products for the new digital landscape – thinking about your customers and providing a seamless experience across all touchpoints, will be crucial to ensure your business thrives. 

Growing your business 

It’s time to expand and create more opportunities for the future. Overcoming the challenges of the last 18 months has taught us all a lesson, but how can you utilise the arrangements you put into place to broaden your offering?

Putting the employees first 

Whether your employees are just onboarding or coming back to the office, we have all grown accustomed to collaborating in new ways. To drive digital innovation, ensuring that you’re providing career development opportunities and flexibility is increasingly significant. 

Whatever the stage of your reopening journey, VMA GROUP is here to help with all your recruitment challenges. We know that finding the right candidate is no small feat, so we want to ensure that you and your employees are supported during the entire onboarding process, and beyond. By choosing to work exclusively with us, you can benefit from the bespoke Onboarding Care Package

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