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VMAGROUP In Partnership

Leading the way in recruitment, executive search and talent management, for Communications, Marketing and Digital

With over 40 years’ experience in recruitment and talent management for the communications and marketing industries, VMAGROUP understands what it means to find the right person and see them thrive in your organisation.   

We believe in doing more than just providing an introduction, we want to make sure that people placed by VMAGROUP are truly successful in their roles, over the long-term.

In recognition of the mutual benefits of working in partnership, VMAGROUP have developed a complimentary Onboarding Care Package, offered to those organisations that select to work exclusively with VMAGROUP, either for a specific vacancy or for multiple mandates.

VMAGROUP’s unique Onboarding Care Package provides all the following bespoke support, on a complimentary basis:
  • Coaching for candidates - a one-hour coaching session for any candidate placed by VMAGROUP, to support successful onboarding, helping them integrate effectively into their new position and supporting their long-term success. Coaching sessions will be provided by qualified executive coaches, with a background in marketing, communications, or digital.

  • Professional membership - for the successful candidate, to a relevant industry body, supporting professional development and long-term career success. Benefiting both the placed candidate and your organisation, VMAGROUP will provide a 12-month membership of a relevant professional body, e.g. CIPR, CIM, IoIC, IABC, EACB, and more.

  • Coaching for you - all Directors, Heads and Managers hiring via VMAGROUP, are offered the opportunity to receive a one-hour coaching session, on a topic of their choice, e.g. Managing a high-performance team, developing strategic thinking or creating effective business plans. Coaching sessions will be provided by qualified executive coaches, with a background in marketing, communications, or digital. ​​

Working in partnership provides many other benefits too: 
  • Time and commitment - to develop a bespoke, dedicated recruitment solution, with client and consultant working in partnership. Delivering a higher probability of a successful appointment with a shorter period of time.

  • Clarity and responsiveness - one consultant and dedicated point of contact for the duration of the recruitment campaign, managing the entire search and selection process, from beginning to end. A committed consultant, responsive to your needs.

  • Knowledge sharing and advice - one point of contact enables client and consultant to share a greater understanding of the market, organisation, team, requirements, challenges and opportunities. This ensures only the most suitable candidates for your vacancy are shortlisted.

  • Efficiency - no multi-agency issues, unsuitable candidates, irrelevant questions, or untimely calls. A clear brief, timescales and realistic deliverables are agreed at the start of each recruitment campaign.

  • ROI - a greater level of ROI is achieved when working in partnership. There is no charge for the additional level of support provided by VMAGROUP in Partnership services.

  • Long-term success - a high0quality recruitment process delivers a high-quality appointment, ensuring long-term career success and retention. Hiring the best talent in the market doesn't happen by chance.

We understand that it may not always be possible to work exclusively with us and therefore we can discuss alternative options with you, should you wish to take advantage of these additional services.  

To find out more, download the brochure below.

To begin working with VMAGROUP In Partnership, contact a member of our management team.