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Outplacement Services and Redundancy Care

Redundancy and periods of personal and organisational change can be incredibly difficult to navigate and emotionally challenging for those involved.

VMAGROUP can support organisations and their outgoing employees through the delivery of specialist outplacement services.

Professional outplacement support can ease the challenges of redundancy and turn a difficult and emotionally challenging situation into a positive, career-enhancing opportunity. Not only does this provide life-changing support to those individuals that are made redundant, it also supports the moral responsibilities of organisations and reduces reputational risk.

With over 40 years' experience in communications and marketing recruitment, we are uniquely placed to provide outplacement services, which support communication and marketing professionals in securing new career opportunities.

Our Support

Our industry-focused outplacement service, provides coaching, support and advice across the following areas:

  1. Professional coaching

  2. Career planning - in Communications and Marketing

  3. CV writing and interview preparation

  4. Profile and personal brand

  5. Action planning - finding suitable opportunities

  6. Securing the perfect opportunity

  7. Ongoing consultancy and specialist industry advice

Detailed information regarding our Outplacement and Redundancy Care Programme is available on request.

In addition to our standard outplacement support program, we’re also able to design and deliver bespoke support where required.

If you’re making redundancies in your communications, marketing or digital teams and want to provide career support to those people leaving your business, please contact VMAGROUP’s leadership team to discuss how we can help.