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Organisation Design

Are you building a Communications team from scratch or restructuring your Marketing & Digital department? Perhaps your Internal Communications team has grown organically over time and any sense of a clear structure or reporting lines have been lost?

The most efficient marketing and communication functions review their structure, processes, and policies on a regular basis, to ensure they are fit for purpose and deliver only the most relevant business outcomes.

In a dynamic business environment, you can’t stand still, budgets change, demand increases and evolves and the skills you need tomorrow might be different to the skills you have today. Developing your team, driving efficiencies, and creating strategic value are challenges all Communications and Marketing leaders face. And in an increasingly competitive environment, these challenges and demands are only likely to increase.

So, what is best practice? How do comparable organisations structure and manage their creative functions? How could you improve performance in your department? And how can you improve efficiency with a smaller budget and still achieve your strategic communication and marketing goals?

All of these questions and more, can be answered by completing a professional ‘organisation design’ review of your teams and your department.

With over 40 years’ experience, VMAGROUP works with hundreds of communications and marketing teams each year. If you need help to design, re-design or compare your communications or marketing function, we’re best placed to support you.

Effective organisation design enhances performance through realigning structure to strategy. VMAGROUP works with organisations in the UK and across Europe, providing specialist research and consultancy support, to deliver an effective organisation design service, which creates long-term strategic success.

VMAGROUP is uniquely positioned to provide consultancy services and advice to a range of organisations on the design and re-design of their communication, marketing and digital functions, and over the past forty years has developed a successful methodology to support the management and delivery of a wide variety of organisation design projects.

How VMAGROUP can help

We use our unique experience and specialist industry knowledge to provide a distinct, organisation design service, specifically for communications, digital and marketing functions.

Over time we have developed a bespoke methodology aligned to your specific industry.

Consultation and analysis: We’ll follow a thorough approach to understand your organisation and the structure, processes and policies of your team. We’ll conduct in-depth stakeholder analysis across all relevant business areas and we’ll consider strengths and weaknesses, seeking out opportunities for improvement.

Benchmarking and design: When a thorough audit has been completed and reviewed, we’ll use our market insight and extensive network to benchmark your team structure, challenges and opportunities, against comparable organisations and industry best practice.

Implementation and integration: When the research and design is delivered, we’ll help you implement and integrate new structures, processes and policies, ensuring long-term success.

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For further detailed information or to discuss your specific needs, please contact:

Andrew Harvey, CEO

Lucy Cairncross, Executive Director, UK

Willem de Ruijter, Executive Director, Europe