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Interim Assignment: IT Change

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Interim Assignment: IT Change


Our client is a pharmaceutical business that has been established for over 100 years and grown through a recent merger. As such, its operational systems and IT platforms are highly complex. To simplify and standardise its operating model, the company embarked on an IT transformation programme with the implementation of a SAP ERP system. This model was to be rolled out across 80 markets, benefitting 80,000 end users. 

What Was The Challenge?

Recognising the need for specialist IT communications support during the transition period, our client was very specific about the need to find a communicator who not only had global IT change and transformation experience, but was also highly skilled in using digital channels. This, combined with an office location which can be hard, to reach was a challenging brief. 

What Our Team Did

Using our extensive database of interim professionals, we were able to source and place an interim IT change communications expert to work across multi-functions with the objective of defining the communications strategy and approach for the roll-out of three new mobile applications. The interim worked closely with the client's Change and Training Managers to create toolkits for a phased delivery across multiple countries, developed a SharePoint microsite, and implemented metrics to track effectiveness of the roll-out. 

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