Four Reasons Why You Should Go for a Contract Position in 2022

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Four Reasons Why You Should Go for a Contract Position in 2022

Hiring on a contract or interim basis is a great solution for companies looking to bring in immediate expertise or additional resources – especially if the situation is fluid and needs a degree of flexibility.

But the contract, interim or temporary roles are also an excellent way for candidates to diversify their experience, face new challenges and develop their skills, whether it is in communications, marketing or digital.

As the job vacancies continue to be at an all-time high, contract roles are equally suitable for both enthusiastic starters and seasoned professionals. Interim positions can advance the practitioners’ careers by adding valuable experience and further demonstrating their credentials by stepping in during a crisis.

1. Set yourself apart with a wide breadth of experience

Regardless of your seniority, professional experience is crucial for any career path, especially across the marketing and communication industries. The best way to gain experience is to put yourself out there and take on new challenges in the work environment.

While qualifications and credentials are certainly important during the application process, when choosing between two candidates, proven work experience is often a deciding factor as it shows that you can perform under pressure.

2. Adapt, improvise, and overcome

Being able to adapt to new situations is one of the most relevant skills for a communications and marketing professional. Demonstrating that you are not afraid of change shows your potential employers that you can hit the ground running and perform in unfamiliar settings.

This is not just something that will stand out on your CV; gradually, it will help you to develop your skills and help you become an even more accomplished and capable professional.

3. Make new connections

A reliable network of industry contacts is a good asset to have as it can aid you in finding new leadership positions. Working across various sectors or different companies as a contractor will give you the advantage of meeting new, important people in your field.

While forming professional connections is important to expand your network, it will also be a great learning experience.

4. Diversify your CV

Often, during the hiring process companies and recruiters alike will be impressed with those candidates who have explored different industries, companies, and fields, rather than sticking to one area only.

Experience gained during various interim contracts throughout your career can help to differentiate your CV, broaden your horizons, and represent you as a diverse professional with a wide skillset.

To find out more about becoming an interim and how we can support you in the search for your contract, please contact our interim team.


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