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Recruiting New Talent and Retaining Employees: How to Cultivate a Purpose-Driven Workplace?

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Recruiting New Talent and Retaining Employees: How to Cultivate a Purpose-Driven Workplace?

The turmoil of 2020 has drastically transformed the way we work, live, and connect. Many organisations have re-evaluated their employee priorities to figure out the working arrangements that are most beneficial to all – whether they are a seasoned employee or a new hire. 

Meanwhile, as some government advisors are issuing advice on salaries for remote workers and firms are reconsidering work from home guidance, your marketing and communications specialists may too be reconsidering their current role. 

According to McKinsey’s findings, nearly two-thirds of employees surveyed confirmed that Covid-19 made them reflect on their purpose in life. Nearly half started to rethink their type of work, with millennials three times more likely to say that they are re-evaluating their employment. 

For your Talent Acquisition team, this probably is not news – people who find purpose in their work are more productive, resilient, and likely to stay at the company for longer. Nevertheless, when an employee believes that their purpose aligns with the one of an organisation, the benefits multiply and start to include increased loyalty, greater engagement, and willingness to recommend the company to others. 

As a business leader, you hold responsibility for helping your current and prospective employees find their purpose and support them to live it at work. So how can you tap into the potential of a workforce aligned with a purpose-driven organisation without making it just another corporate initiative? Based on McKinsey’s recommendations, here’s how to take action and retain the top talent! 

Define the organisation’s purpose 

Having a defined purpose as a business has multiple advantages that help with marketing and brand positioning. But that’s not enough to support your employees. Does your company meaningfully consider its role in society? 

Start spending time with your team, reflecting on the impact of your organisation. You need to go beyond the occasional check-ins reminding your team about corporate social responsibility efforts and create a dialogue connected to their day-to-day experience. Genuine reflection can inspire a sense of purpose, and in turn, increase employee satisfaction. 

Assess your compassionate leadership abilities

The survey found that the employees who have a chance to reflect
how their sense of purpose aligns with the company’s vision, are three times more likely to feel fulfilled at work. 

The leaders should be ready to share their personal goals and objectives to encourage honest dialogue and cultivate a positive work environment. But beforehand, you should examine your management style, starting with the following questions:

  • Are your team comfortable sharing personal things with you? 

  • Do you value the psychological safety of your employees? 

  • Are you a compassionate leader, especially during times of a crisis? 

If the answer to all the above is yes, then you are ready to provide your employees with more opportunities for purpose in their day-to-day work. 

Help people live their purpose at work

Implementing programs that support employee’s pursuits, such as fundraising or paid time off for volunteering, is a good start. However, you must remain focused on providing more opportunities to help your employees find their sense of purpose at work. Ultimately, when their purpose aligns with the company’s – the organisation will benefit too. 

Orientation weeks and regular forums – either company-wide or team-focused – are a great way to encourage the employees to discuss, ask questions, and share ideas about fulfilling their goals and aims both in their personal and professional lives. 

Whether we are back in the office or continue to work remotely, most of us spend a large portion of our time at work, so creating reflective spaces to encourage a purpose-driven environment will quickly result in a better working experience. As the Covid-19 crisis continues to make people question and re-evaluate their careers, you need to provide your employees with opportunities to find purpose in their daily work – or be prepared to lose talent to the companies that will.

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