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This Is Not Just Another Blog, It’s a VMA GROUP Interim Focused Blog…

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This Is Not Just Another Blog, It’s a VMA GROUP Interim Focused Blog…

“I’m looking for additional communications support and I needed it yesterday” – is a phrase we hear all the time. Whether it’s on a short term basis to handle a specific project or a maternity/paternity cover, resourcing for these roles can be time consuming along with your day to day responsibilities.

As a consultant at VMA GROUP, my role is to provide effective solutions for internal communications teams and make sure you have the right person in your team to provide the required support, give the best advice and deliver the right solutions.

So, what are the benefits of hiring an interim?

  • An interim manager has the ability to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact. They can effortlessly transition from one organisation to the next.

  • With their experience and knowledge they can immediately add value. Interim managers have the right balance of strategic and tactical skills to quickly turn things around. Due to most contracts focusing on one specific project, interim managers adhere to very strict deadlines and frameworks, meaning they are 100% committed from start to finish. They are extremely skilled at quickly building a rapport with stakeholders, devising strategies and they're not afraid to roll up their sleeves, deliver tactically and ensure deadlines are met for a positive impact across the business.

  • Interims that have chosen this career path are flexible and experienced at being autonomous. They can get started with little help from others so it’s unlikely you’ll face issues with interims adapting to different cultures. They are aware of their key stakeholders and have the know-how to get senior leaders on their side.

  • Interims work on a day rate through their own Ltd Company as opposed to being on company payroll. This provides complete flexibility, as Interims are paid per day worked and contracts can easily be extended or shortened as required. Hiring an interim on a day rate basis offers more flexibility than permanent and Fixed Term Contract (FTC) hires and is the favoured approach by the majority of our clients.

We develop strong relationships with our interims which means we know them personally as well as professionally. Our track record assures clients of our capability, which is why VMAGROUP is the market leader for interim management and corporate communications services.

To find out more about how we can help you to find the best communications, digital or marketing talent for your team, please call Matthew Gibbs today.