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Making Progress in Communications - Diversity in PR Conference - VMAGROUP

Making Progress in Communications - Diversity in PR Conference

VMA GROUP was delighted to partner with A Leader Like Me at the Diversity in PR Conference on 14th October. We were also joined by Bananatag - an internal communications platform, Rachel Miller fro...

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D&I Ageism (2)

D&I Forum: Too Young, Too Old... Is Ageism Still an Issue?

There has been a real emphasis on improving equality in the workforce with many employers focused on Diversity and Inclusion. Yet, ageism still seems to be the most "socially acceptable" form of di...

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Diversity & Inclusion: How to avoid age-based discrimination in the workplace? - Clock and ageism - VMAGROUP

Diversity & Inclusion: How to Avoid Age-Based Discrimination in the Workplace?

In recent years, many companies across the globe took the time to reflect on their unconscious biases and create a Diversity & Inclusion strategy to improve equality in the workplace. However, the ...

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Salary transparency: Three reasons to disclose employee pay - Transparent models - VMAGROUP

Salary Transparency: Three Reasons to Disclose Employee Pay

Across many industries as well as social circles, salary remains a taboo subject, with some companies going to the extremes of banning employees from discussing pay, and others relying on the possi...

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Social Mobility: Why should you include it in your Diversity & Inclusion strategy? - Cut out collage of different people - VMAGROUP

Social Mobility: Why Should You Include It in Your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy?

The opportunities of developing Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace tend to focus on improving the representation of ethnic minority groups or creating a better gender divide. But the topic of...

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