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Money Aside, What Really Motivates Employees in Their Jobs?

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Money Aside, What Really Motivates Employees in Their Jobs?

An average Brit spends over 80,000 hours of their lives at work, so finding the perfect job can be a challenge. 

In the post-Covid world, it is not always about the money... Employees at the start of their careers, as well as those who have established themselves and are looking to progress further, are increasingly concerned about company culture, passion for the role, company's values and flexibility. 

So, while salary is undoubtedly the main reason behind employment, what are the key motivators for communication and marketing professionals today?

Passion for the role

Here at VMA GROUP, we asked communications and marketing professionals what motivates them the most in a job. Out of over 600 responses, more than 40% said it was the passion for the company and the role. Meaningful work that adds value to the world, inspires us to do our best and challenges us to grow beyond our current skill set. 

Integrity is another important aspect, and when the company's values align with yours, you can easily identify with the company's mission statement. The old cliche may be true after all, "Find a job that you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life."

Work-life balance

Working from home has highlighted the importance of work-life balance, as the boundaries between private and corporate life became blurred. Maintaining balance is crucial for mental health and wellbeing, with the added benefit of improving your work performance efficiency. 

A third of our respondents said that they are increasingly looking for jobs that promote work-life balance and allow them to enjoy their life outside of work and explore their hobbies and interests.

Location and flexibility

Traditionally, the length of the commute would be one of the key factors that people consider before making a career move. However, today we are seeing an increase in remote and hybrid opportunities, so employees' expectations of flexibility are growing. 

Communications professionals want to know the long-term plan and whether the role is office-based, fully remote or hybrid, with most employees showing a strong preference for flexible arrangements. 

Job title and opportunities

Regardless of the salary, most professionals are not content in taking a lower-level job. Whether your ambition is to become a Director of Marketing or a Head of Communications - your official job title is certainly important. 

Likewise, people are looking to join companies that invest in the growth of their employees and provide the right opportunities to develop skills and progress into more senior roles.

Company culture

While you may struggle to answer this before the start date, you can determine the cultural fit by asking yourself a few questions. Do you prefer large organisations or smaller companies? What is the environment like - relaxed, formal or fully remote? What do the current employees seem like? Does the management team inspire you? 

Humans are social creatures and having a good support network at work helps you stay motivated and enjoy the time you spend working.

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