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Four Reasons to Work With a Recruitment Agency

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Four Reasons to Work With a Recruitment Agency

As we are approaching the end of the year, you are probably starting to think about putting the final touches on the annual marketing and communications projects and campaigns. It is also the time to start making plans for the new year, and perhaps this busy period means you need to hire some contract support? 

Working with a recruitment agency can be a cost-efficient and effective way to hire new staff - whether on a contract, temporary or permanent basis. The process is more streamlined than in-house recruitment, and as a result, there are many benefits to both small businesses and large organisations. Here are our top reasons:


The task of hiring new staff is often an additional burden to the current employees, who may already be overworked. 
If time is of the essence, recruiters will save you time looking through CVs and applications, so you only see the very best ones. They handle all the communications and legal checks, leaving you to focus on the best onboarding experience. 


At VMA GROUP, our consultants have first-hand experience in the industry, so they know precisely what experience and skills are required for the job. 

Therefore, our recruiters can provide market-specific advice regarding salary ranges and essential skills to help you find the best fit. 


When it comes to in-house staff, they may often be inexperienced or struggling with time constraints when it comes to new hires. On the other hand, the recruiters follow a streamlined process to provide a smooth experience for both the candidates and the client. 

Most importantly, time-sensitive roles can be filled at a short notice. At VMA GROUP, we provide a shortlist of interim candidates within just 48 hours.

Reduced cost

While recruitment agency fees can initially put some organisations off, there are several cost-saving factors that you should consider, both short and long term. 

In the short term, you don't have to pay for posting job adverts. Also, your permanent staff can perform their duties as usual, so there is no risk of losing any business. Finally, you reduce the likelihood of a bad fit and the costs incurred with that - such as training and re-hire. 

In the long term, you can reduce future hiring costs when using the same recruitment agency while making the whole process even more efficient. Especially for contract and interim roles, our consultants ensure that their skills and experience match your requirement, eliminating your organisation's need to provide in-depth training. 

Whether you are looking for permanent, interim, contract or temporary staff, our experienced interim team will ensure it’s a seamless process from beginning to end. If you would like to discuss your hiring requirements, get in touch with our team today.

VMA GROUP is a leading international interim, contract, temporary and permanent recruitment and executive search specialist. We are specifically focused on providing support to the communications, digital and marketing communities.

Our specialist practice areas cover: communications, corporate communications, internal communications, change communications, PR, media relations, financial communications, CSR, public affairs, investor relations, marketing, digital marketing and agency services.

We have a reputation for providing expert consultancy services and advice, supported by in-depth knowledge of the professions we recruit for. Our thought leadership and benchmarking studies have become go-to resources for the communications and marketing industry, supporting planning and decision-making for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

In the UK, VMA GROUP has offices in London and Manchester and in Europe, VMA GROUP has offices in Amsterdam and Brussels, but we work with organisations and individuals on a global basis.

VMA GROUP is committed to equal opportunities and is a Diversity Pledged Recruiter.