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How Do Marketing Jobs in London Help in Building a Creative Career?

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How Do Marketing Jobs in London Help in Building a Creative Career?

Marketing is one of the most diverse creative industries, and it is constantly adapting and evolving. Many marketing jobs in London will require you to draw upon different creative skills and be willing to learn new skills as quickly as possible in order to ensure that every creative project you are involved in reaches its maximum potential.


Levels of creativity are built upon by consistently undertaking different types of creative projects. The more creative you're being every day, the more creative you'll feel and the more ideas you'll have. You'll find new inspiration and ideas emerging from current projects and from the creativity that surrounds you. Marketing jobs in London are varied and fast-paced. The industry is booming and there's always something going on.

Being immersed in this creative atmosphere and being surrounded by people who will motivate and encourage you to reach your potential will provide a huge boost to your creative career and open doors for opportunities you may not have otherwise considered.

You'll be getting constant feedback on your work, which is particularly helpful as a creative. Your pitching skills will improve, as will your ability to process criticism of your work in a constructive way that will allow you to consistently enhance and improve your work.


Marketing heavily relies on teamwork, and your role within the team will involve working closely with people fulfilling a variety of other roles. Your own role is also likely to require you to be able to do many different things. You may not have direct experience with some of the things you will be asked to do, but adapting your current skillset will allow you to complete the task in creative ways.

As you work closely with others, you will naturally learn many new things and build upon your existing skillset, even if those things are removed from your usual day-to-day duties. This is an exciting opportunity, and being willing to learn will greatly enhance your creative career because you will gain experience in many disciplines.

Transferrable skills

Marketing is a varied industry, and you will find that many of your skills are transferable. This means that progressing within the industry is both possible and encouraged.

Alongside traditionally creative skills such as copywriting, design, illustration and photography, marketing jobs will encourage you to develop skills you may not have otherwise encountered in your career to date. There are opportunities to learn about topics such as behavioural science, coding, social networking and search engine optimisation. Your knowledge of all of these important marketing tools, no matter how peripheral they may seem, will help you to push your creative career into new spheres.

As a hard-working, adaptable, forward-thinking individual who is driven by ideas, a job in marketing can go a long way toward providing you with the skills that will form a solid foundation for your creative career. 

If you are interested in talking to one of our experience Marketing Recruitment consultants about developing your career in Marketing, please contact Elinor Lara for permanent opportunities or Karl Ramsaran for interim opportunities.