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Location, Location, Location

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Location, Location, Location

Whilst a career move is of course a very personal choice, there are undoubtedly some common motivating factors that drive people towards new opportunities. With this in mind, we recently undertook a project to really pinpoint what these key factors were and understand what attracts communications professionals in Europe to new roles, whether they've been actively looking to move or not.

One of the interesting, although not necessarily unsurprising results from the 200+ individuals surveyed was how truly international the communications employment market really is. Despite the fact that many surveyed were not actively seeking new opportunities, a strong majority were open to a new role abroad. In particular British respondents were amongst those most open to relocation with 83% saying they would move for an international role, this was over 20% more than those coming from the Benelux region.

More than anything, this highlights the importance of looking not only locally but across borders when recruiting, no matter the level of role.

With companies often encouraged or predisposed to recruit locally as a first step, whether it is because of the perceived added cost of international recruitment or the ease of recruiting from nearby, this naturally limits the scope of any search.

With so many communications professionals open to relocation it is an excellent opportunity for companies to really broaden the skill-set and experience on their team and makes a combined international and local search a much more competitive one.