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Preparing for post-isolation: questions communicators should consider

Preparing for post-isolation: questions communicators should consider

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

15:00 to 16:00

Join VMAGROUP and Advita Patel of CIPR Inside to discuss questions that internal communicators should consider for working post-isolation.

About this Event

Internal communicators in the past few months have worked tirelessly to ensure that employees are set up to work from home, a move which is widely deemed successful.

As we move through the crisis and anticipate a future move back into the office, the reverse must now happen: internal communicators must prepare employees for work post-isolation.

With worried employees and a huge task ahead, what questions should internal communicators be considering?

Join Advita Patel and VMAGROUP to speak about how internal communicators should approach the post-isolation move, what questions to consider and how to keep up employee engagement in another major working shift.

Advita Patel is a Board Director of CIPR UK and the founder of Comms Rebel.

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