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Trusting Your Interim Communications Recruitment Partner With Exclusivity

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Trusting Your Interim Communications Recruitment Partner With Exclusivity

For those of you who have found yourself in urgent need of an extra pair of hands, the chances are you will have considered using an interim communications recruitment agency at some point. The trigger might have been someone going on sick leave, a new project landing on your desk, or an unexpected company announcement.

Having recruited in the interim space for the last 10 years, I have worked on countless roles that have been briefed to multiple agencies; and while it’s tempting for hiring managers to engage with as many agencies as possible to ensure they are covering the entire market and not putting all their eggs in one basket, it is worth considering some of the possible disadvantages of this blanket approach.

First, active candidates will generally register to more than one interim communications recruitment agency.  When multiple agencies are briefed on the same role, they are likely to be contacting the same pool of candidates for the same position. And unless the brief was meticulously delivered, it’s likely that it will be interpreted slightly differently by the various consultants working it.  As a result of this, the candidates will not only receive multiple calls, emails and messages about the same interim marketing job in a very short space of time, they will also experience mixed messages, which can be confusing and have a negative impact on your employer brand.  On the contrary, partnering with one reputable and reliable interim communications recruitment agency will ensure that only one consistent message reaches the market, and in return will build on the hiring company’s authenticity.

Of course, there is a certain risk involved in working exclusively. Hiring managers need to be confident with who they’re partnering with, that they have the right network of candidates, and a consultant they can trust to deliver. I would certainly suggest looking at the credentials of who you have chosen to partner with. Are they a specialist, do they have a good track record of hiring similar positions, for similar businesses?  It’s also important to have a timescale you can both agree to, such as when to expect CVs, when you would be able to review them, and potential dates for interviews. 

Hiring for interim communications jobs can be a timely procedure. It starts with researching which agencies to use, speaking with your network, or perhaps asking your Recruitment Manager for the supplier list, so you want to make sure the rest of the process is as time-efficient and streamlined as possible.  Working exclusively with an interim communications recruitment agency means you are only dealing with one point of contact and only reviewing one shortlist. 

From the interim recruitment agency’s perspective, working exclusively is an extremely powerful and incentivising proposition to them.  They know you have entrusted solely on them to find you the perfect candidate, and more importantly, they are not competing with any other agencies on this business.  So by offering your commitment to work exclusively, this unique arrangement will encourage consultants to dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to deliver on the brief. 

Similarly, from a financial standpoint, an interim recruitment agency able to work exclusively should be willing to offer a competitive rate.

We realise that some businesses will have protocols in place around how to engage with recruitment partners and whether working exclusively is an option. However, if you have the option to make this decision, these are certain points worth bearing in mind.

And if you need help in deciding which company to partner with, read our blog on the 9 factors to consider when hiring a corporate communications recruitment agency.

Deborah Le, Principal Consultant

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