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How Can an Interim Manager Help to Alleviate the Stress of a Sudden Departure in the Team?

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How Can an Interim Manager Help to Alleviate the Stress of a Sudden Departure in the Team?

When a key member of your team is suddenly no longer able to perform their duties, it’s always a challenge to fill the gap and find an adequate replacement. Whether a colleague is out of action for a couple of months or has to leave permanently, their absence could lead to significant problems for your company if action is not taken in a suitable period of time.

This is one of the reasons why Interim Managers are so popular with businesses as they allow vacancies to be filled on short notice, providing your company with much needed assistance at a crucial time. Interim Managers also offer a wealth of other vital qualities which can help you to overcome your problems.

Swift action
Speed is one of the key advantages to bringing in an Interim Manager as opposed to going through the usual recruitment process of hiring a permanent addition to the team. Interim Managers are able to fill the gap within short notice to lighten the workload of the team as a whole and bring in some much needed expertise and professionalism.

Interim employees can often hit the ground running within a matter of weeks, if not days, which undoubtedly represents a superior solution to a long recruitment search which could take months. If the sudden departure of a member of the team is placing a considerable amount of strain on the team as a whole, then the speed at which you can find a replacement becomes even more important.

Experience with new environments
One of the key qualities that experienced Interim Manager’s possess is adaptability, as they will have a proven track record of entering into new work environments and getting to grips with everything. This is crucial when searching for a dependable new addition that can immediately hit the ground running and also assimilate into an entirely new team of colleagues.

Many Interim Managers have extensive experience working across industries or with a wide selection of companies in their chosen field. Not only does this make them very versatile, but it also gives them a breadth of professional experience to draw upon. Having worked with such a variety of companies and colleague, their vision and knowledge can benefit from such an array of experiences and this can work wonders for your organisation.

A breath of fresh air
If someone in a senior position has suddenly left, it’s understandable that the spirit of the team may be somewhat dampened. Getting them back up to high levels of morale and motivation is a crucial part of any manager’s role. With the swift addition of an Interim Manager and their fresh presence in the team, a new approach and a new face can be just what your company needs to revitalise and move forward with strength and solidity.

To find out more about how we can help you source the best interim talent for your team, please contact Matthew Gibbs, Managing Consultant.