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EU Uncertainty Spells Good News for Interims

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EU Uncertainty Spells Good News for Interims

Uncertainty surrounding the upcoming EU referendum is creating unprecedented demand for contractors within PR and comms across the UK. That is according to specialist corporate and marketing communications recruitment consultancy, VMA GROUP.

The agency has noted a spike in vacancies for short term roles during the first quarter of 2016 as organisations postpone bringing on board permanent staff until after Britain’s position in Europe has been decided. Similarly, anecdotal evidence suggests that many professionals are also holding off moving jobs until there is more certainty in the market.

Andrew Harvey, executive director of internal communications, explains; “VMA is finding that many companies are choosing interim answers rather than permanent solutions. At the moment work is not stopping but it is changing in both scope and focus. Many firms want support to help them get past the June date and beyond, but are reluctant to take an enduring commitment while the market is unstable”.

VMA GROUP’s Lucinda Moores, director of external communications, goes further stating; “A founding principle of the EU is free movement of labour and VMA supports its clients by offering the finest candidates across Europe. While there is uncertainty in the market, many comms professionals are reluctant to make the move to a new role.”

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