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Expats! Know Your Worth - Converting Your Credentials

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Expats! Know Your Worth - Converting Your Credentials

With more and more of Antipodeans deciding to up sticks and explore a colder, slightly greyer part of the world, it’s never been more important to ensure your CV is updated for the UK market. While the communications market in London isn’t entirely dissimilar to New Zealand and Australia the number of skilled communications professionals working in the city means that it can be very competitive. Ensuring your CV is showcasing your skills and experience in the best light is a must for any Aussie/Kiwi new to the big city.

Some suggestions:

‘Convert’ your qualifications
UK universities use a grading system that’s totally unlike those we’re used to at home. Converting your qualifications to the UK grading standard helps potential employers recognise your degree in a way they understand. Removing that potential ‘question mark’ from your CV makes a big difference for employers and ensures that you are not underselling your qualifications.



AUS Honours


NZ Honours


Distinction over 75%

Honours First Class

A / 8.0

A / 8.0



Second Class Divison (Upper/A/1)

B+ / 6.0

B+/ 5.0


Pass over 58%

Second Class Division (Lower/B/2)

C+ / 3.0

C+ / 3.0

Give your experience context
Commonwealth Bank, 2degrees and Fonterra might be household names down under but without context UK employers may not necessarily recognise your previous employers. When detailing your work history it’s always worthwhile briefly outlining the company sector, size and structure. Many UK companies will only consider candidates with experience relevant to their specific sector, having this information clearly set out on your CV will help to showcase your experience even if the brand/company is not immediately recognisable in the UK.

Know your value
When it comes to setting your salary expectations the common practice is to take your AUS/NZ salary and half it to account for the exchange rate. While this seems like a simple solution it is not always the best measure of your true value in the UK market, you may be underselling your skills or pricing yourself out of the market entirely. If you are not sure where your salary expectations should sit and would like some advice, get in touch we are always happy help.

If you are interested in developing your career in communications, digitial or marketing in the UK, please call one of our experienced consultants today. For permament opportunities, please contact: Lucy Cairncross, External Communications; Sara Tehrani, Internal Communications; Jimmy Ingram, Marketing Recruitment. For interim opportunities across all disciplines, please contact Matthew Gibbs.