VMA Interim Event: Neuroscience - Making Change Happen in a Post-Pandemic World

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

17:00 to 18:00


In the space of a year, the pandemic has delivered more change than we would expect to see over a course of a career.

The canvas is incredibly vast... In this session, we'll look at three specific lessons that neuroscience can teach about the months we've just lived, and what lies ahead.

  • What does neuroscience tell us about lockdown, and the impact of remote working on the human brain?
  • Why will the brain struggle with the return to office working?
  • How can we use neuroscience to make new ways of working stick?

VMAGROUP is delighted to be joined by Adam Baines, Board Director, Head of Communications for Change & Transformation, Lansons, who will discuss how to successfully use science to engage employees, before taking part in a Q&A. 



Adam Baines, Board Director, Head of Communications for Change & Transformation, Lansons

Adam is a senior change communications consultant and has delivered major transformations, strategy change, leadership engagement, culture change and employee engagement programmes for a wide range of organisations. These include: BBC; Cabinet Office; Euroclear; Kingfisher plc; Liberty Speciality Markets; MS Amlin; Prudential; Thomson Reuters; UBS. Adam has won a number of awards, including the Media Guardian Innovation Award for his work taking the BBC from analogue to digital. Adam has strong knowledge of neuroscience and presents to industry forums on how to deliver successful change, by respecting the way the human brain works.

Join us on the 23 June at 5pm to learn more about how to make a change in the post-Covid world.




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