Message from the CEO: the next stage for communications and marketing professionals

16 days ago by Andrew Harvey, CEO

Message from the CEO: the next stage for communications and marketing professionals


September has marked the return to the office for many communications and marketing professionals around the UK. From speaking to comms and marketing leaders on our Advisory Board calls, it’s clear that many want to get back to business as usual, instead of solely focusing on Covid communications. With the resurgence of Brexit, team restructuring, and business goals to achieve, the return back to the office signifies the next stage of the pandemic.

Across all industries, there is a continued focus for internal communications teams to ensure that all employees feel safe, as well as ensuring that wellbeing stays at the forefront. With Government messaging confusing and alarming many, there is pressure for business leaders to calm these worries in regard to their business.

The messaging that communications and marketing teams put out now is crucial, and organisations don’t have much leeway to get it wrong. Throughout September we’ve seen Dettol’s ad come under fire for its messaging focusing on the nuances of office life has left many commuters ridiculing the company’s efforts to encourage the nation to return to the office. This, compared to innocent’s comical stance on office life, re-establishes that much like the beginning of lockdown, communications and marketing teams need to get the message right.

To support the communications, digital and marketing teams with their restructuring, we’ve launched VMAGROUP Advisory Services. VMAGROUP is uniquely positioned to provide consultancy services and advice to a range of organisations on the design and re-design of their communication, marketing and digital functions, and over the past forty years has developed a successful methodology to support the management and delivery of a wide variety of organisation design projects. To find out more, get in touch with a member of our leadership team.

We’re continuing to provide recruitment, consultations, blogs, events, webinars and more for communications, digital and marketing professions across the UK and Europe.