Frustrated With the Job Search? Don’t Lose the Faith

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Frustrated With the Job Search? Don’t Lose the Faith

It would be an understatement to say that this year has been challenging, especially for those who have been searching for their next communications, marketing or digital role. After being made furloughed and redundant, many communicators and marketers have now been out of work for several months and the job search is taking its toll. Even if you are keeping active and doing all the right things, how do you keep up the energy and enthusiasm required? It’s difficult, but there are some things you can do to keep the energy up! 


This year has proved that you don’t need to just network in person; online networking has evolved in strides. Recruiter and industry bodies are running virtual events, talks, and courses, many of which are free. Join these, meet people, pick up tips, and ask for advice. You never know where your next role will come from and it’s often not from applying online but a chance meeting with an old colleague who knows someone.


It’s important to keep up to date with the communications, marketing and digital industries and LinkedIn is a great way to do this as well as a place to apply for roles. Comment on articles, follow key influencers, and most importantly make sure your LinkedIn profile is as good (and accurate) as your CV. As a communications recruiter, this is our first port of call for applications after looking through a CV. It’s your shop front and it needs to be engaging and reflective of who you are and what you do best. For more tips, read our blog on how to enhance your LinkedIn profile.


We can help! Connect and meet with two or three key communications and marketing recruiters that are relevant and handle the roles you want. Many candidates ask how to keep in touch as it sometimes months between meeting someone and finding them the right role. It’s good for candidates who we’ve met/had a call with to send a quick update by email every few weeks. We do remember people, but we also meet A LOT of people, so it’s great when candidates check-in and ensures we don’t miss them. Keep looking on the recruiter’s website, as they might not immediately think of you for a role and it might not be advertised elsewhere.  


If you are in between roles, consider interim or freelance communication or marketing opportunities. Even if perm is the aim, interim communications contracts can be great for introducing a new sector or skill and allow more time for you to look for the perfect perm role. Contrary to old perceptions, an interim contract does not look bad on your perm CV and is not taken as a negative by clients. Also, sometimes they go perm – problem solved! Opening your options and allowing some flexibility can help you get back on your feet back and doing what you enjoy best. Find out more about the world of interim communications here.

Take a break

If you feel like you are losing focus or getting frustrated and angry, try and take a break. We often speak to communication and marketing candidates who feel like this and they are not presenting their best profile at this point or applying for the right roles. It’s important to remain focused on the roles and salary you want. Flexibility is great, but there is no way that a client will look at a £100k candidate for a £50k role, even if they are prepared to take the cut. Remember your worth and do not under-sell yourself.

This market is tough, and it can take time, but there is a role out there for you. Have a look on our website for any roles, or get in touch on 020 7436 4243 to talk about your options today.


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