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Five of the Best Digital Marketing Roles

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Five of the Best Digital Marketing Roles

Written by Karl Ramsaran, UK Managing Consultant at VMA GROUP

The marketing landscape has evolved over the past few years with so much more scope to move into a range of roles than ever before. We take a look at some of the most appealing digital marketing jobs around and what they involve.

Marketing Technologists
A hybrid between marketing experts and technology savvy professionals. Considering more brands are engaging through digital channels, they must incorporate technology needed support it. You may be tasked with implementing and ensuring marketing strategies are optimised with the help of technology, liaising with IT departments and recommending and evaluate technology vendors.

Digital Data Analyst
These roles are for data driven marketers. Due to the digital transformation of the marketing function, organisations will be looking to attract data analysts to interpret data. This could involve determining who to target, measure campaign performance, understand customer experience and journey and making recommendations and decisions based on findings.

Social Media Manager
Perfect role for any social media guru that understands how to engage and increase visibility through multimedia content. This typically involves managing an organisation’s online presence by developing a social media strategy, leveraging the different social platforms to achieve business goals, producing engaging content with videos and photos, analysing usage data, and facilitating customer service.

Digital Marketing Manager
For marketers who enjoy staying ahead with the most effective marketing trends and developing an organisation’s multi-channel communication strategies. Generalist digital marketers may oversee areas such as email, mobile, social media, paid, owned, and earned strategies, as well as finding a balance with traditional marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Freelancer/Interim
This is a great choice for any digital marketing professional that prefers flexibility and the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects and brands. Freelancing and interim roles are particularly popular with millennials who are seeking financial independence rather than simply stability and corporate perks.

“Using a digital marketing consultant is a fantastic, cost effective way of providing companies with quick access to a qualified and experienced digital marketing professional who will bring a valuable outside perspective to a job, constructively challenge and design customer centric, measurable campaigns to optimise returns on marketing investment.”

Suzanne O’Toole, Interim Marketing Director

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To find the best digital marketing jobs, you need to ensure your profile is active on professional platforms such as LinkedIn, seek out new opportunities to up-skill and to gain new experience, and register with a VMA GROUP marketing consultant to be the first to know about marketing jobs available.