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Staying Ahead of the Digital Game With the Best Talent in Digital Communications

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Staying Ahead of the Digital Game With the Best Talent in Digital Communications

In the realm of digital communications, it is more important than ever to pinpoint the best talent due to the rapidly changing nature of the area. Technology is evolving so quickly that you need the best and brightest digital communications talent in your company to keep you up to speed and stay one step ahead of the competition.

It is not just the ever-changing landscape of digital communications that makes it so important to keep up; it’s also the fact that the world is becoming increasingly digitalised and so much of what both individuals and companies do on a daily basis has become digital. Nowadays a company without a digital presence online is at a severe disadvantage compared to its competitors.

What to look out for when recruiting
When it comes to finding the right talent in digital communications, you need to be looking for a blend of qualities in the ideal candidate. As can be deduced from the name, the discipline is not just about being tech-savvy but also involves a strong understanding of human communication.

Strong understanding of metrics
There are many tools available that help a professional measure and analyse data which can require a considerable degree of technological know-how. Getting an in-depth understanding of exactly what works and what doesn’t is absolutely vital in staying ahead of the competition, so you need to find someone who has a strong grasp of metrics. Success is not defined by what you feel works best but by what you can prove works through numbers.

Sharp communication skills
Given that digital communications is ultimately a very human business it is imperative that a candidate has an intuitive and demonstrable understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to communications. Those who can only conjure up common clichés and language with a distinctly impersonal feel to it may struggle to reach and inspire your target audience.

Proven track record
Despite how a person may be able to present themselves on their CV or during an interview, there is simply no better proof than having a strong track record of delivering time and time again. Whilst searching for the right candidate, be sure to enquire about specific projects they have worked on in the past and what the results of those were. This will help you identify the stronger candidates.

Given how quickly digital technology is moving, it's vital that a candidate is open and adaptable enough to be able to keep up. Even over the past decade the landscape of digital communications has been totally transformed, so who knows what will happen in the next few decades.

Written by Melissa Pierson

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