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Resilience - Get Back Up!

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Resilience - Get Back Up!

Written by Julie Mazzei, Managing Consultant, North and Midlands. 

Recruitment can be a tough gig - I have been doing it now for seven years which makes me an "expert" and supposedly thick-skinned. I have certainly learned how to deal with change and curve balls in my time here at VMA GROUP.

In my first year, learning the trade against the backdrop of a global economic downturn was a roller coaster ride. You are emotionally tied to all your roles: elated when you make a placement and gutted when you don't. You are basically doing all your work up front and even if you did a perfect job, it might not happen.

Even as a seasoned professional, I still get a sting now and again. Recently I worked on a very senior role where a potentially large fee was up for grabs. Process went perfectly, impressive shortlist managed down to two final candidates they loved. Verbal offer made and then everything stopped when the new CEO halted all senior appointments. Absolutely gutted for my candidates and my several months of work.

I could easily have wallowed ... it was a nice thought and easy fall back. However I decided to opt for resilience. Why make a disappointing situation worse by throwing misery into the mix?

So I moved on. Putting this role aside and focused on work that was going to get me somewhere. Rather than wasting time complaining about something out of my control, I changed the topic to something I could influence and make happen.

Not allowing bad stuff to take up your time works. Dwell on it all you want but it is still there not changing. Far better to channel your excellent abilities elsewhere.

Like I said recruitment can be a tough gig, but people who know me know I love my job. It has made me a more resilient individual and I am able to cope with the good and bad with equal measure. Certainly a trait that I could have used back in my Communications professional days.

So if you had a bad day, acknowledge it, pick yourself up and get back to it. Best way to beat disappoint is to hurry up to your next success.

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