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CEOs Failing to Advocate Employee Engagement

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CEOs Failing to Advocate Employee Engagement

Company CEOs and managing directors are failing to advocate employee engagement in their business, according to corporate recruitment specialists, VMA GROUP. 

The survey found that 74% of internal communications professional believe their CEO or MD dedicates less than half a day per week to employee engagement, despite 72% believing that senior teams do understand its importance.

Mairi Doyle, Director of Internal Communications at Bupa said: “Building internal pride and brand advocacy is a fundamental contributor to a positive external reputation. Organisations who overlook this fact are missing a huge opportunity.”

But the research shows that budgets for employee engagement have stayed the same or decreased in 81% of cases, with only 20% expected to increase in the next 12 months.

Andrew Harvey, director of internal communications practice at VMA GROUP, said: “Internal Comms teams play a key role in engaging a company’s biggest asset: its people. However, while there is the perception that CEOs and MDs see the value of IC, it seems that senior leaders are simply paying lip service to the function. It’s a well-accepted fact that employee disengagement directly impacts corporate profitability. Without an engaged workforce, businesses risk falling behind the competition. And without investment from the top and a strategy in place, internal comms teams will struggle to achieve their full potential.”

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