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Asia-Pacific Communications Directors Forecast Growth & Rising Influence

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Asia-Pacific Communications Directors Forecast Growth & Rising Influence

Communications directors in Asia-Pacific expect their influence to grow over the next two years as they also expand their teams, according to a new study.

The survey, conducted by VMA GROUP at the Asia-Pacific Communications Summit, polled around 70 communications directors.

It found that over 80% of senior corporate communications managers foresee the influence exerted by their function steadily increasing across the region over the next two years. Around two-thirds of those polled, meanwhile, said that the senior corporate comms executive has a seat on the board or executive committee in their organisation.

In addition, more than half (52%) of senior communications professionals operating in the Asia Pacific region are anticipating growth in their communications function in 2016, according to the research.

And 69% of respondents are open to new career opportunities -— with 62% ‘considering opportunities’ and 7% ‘actively looking’, indicating a passive, yet positive, market.

"This research reinforces what previous market analysis has already highlighted about the local communications market – the future for Asian business is optimistic, and the future of Asian communications looks set for corresponding growth," said VMA GROUP Associate Director, Lisa MacMillan.