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Harnessing Talent Outside of the M25

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Harnessing Talent Outside of the M25

No one would dispute that London remains the mother-ship for the UK’s communication industry. According to recent research some 63% of the UK’s communications workforce is based in the capital or the South East. Over the last few years however, the opportunities to work outside London have expanded. This is a result of companies relocating, communication teams become more dispersed and employers developing a much more open attitude to flexible/home-working or basing roles from regional offices. This, coupled with an increase in the number of candidates relocating north, means the pool of talent beyond the M25 is a deep one into which many companies are starting to dip their toes.

This year alone, VMA North has seen a rise in the number of London based companies looking to source candidates in the regions, either to establish communications functions or grow their existing teams. Whilst this is an encouraging trend, its offset by a number of Northern based companies increasingly looking in the opposite direction. There remains a preference from some companies to opt for a London based communications team, largely due to the traditional belief that being close to the media equals better PR and mistakenly that only those in London have the skill set to excel in the role. 

Since joining VMA GROUP's northern team, the quality of candidates I’ve met has been outstanding and reflects some of the superb communications which takes place away from London.  There is life outside of London for the communications professional and what’s more, it’s a pretty good place to be.

If you’re keen to explore opportunities in the North, please contact Julie Mazzei, Managing Consultant.