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The IC Hiring Guide

The Internal Communication Hiring Guide has been produced by VMAGROUP and the Institute of Internal Communication and is designed to guide anyone with responsibility for hiring for an internal communication role through the process.

The guide uses the IoIC profession map framework as an underpinning model as we seek to improve the standardisation of skills and build a future pipeline of great talent.

The guide provides a detailed and thorough overview of the hiring process, the rationale for investment in internal communication, and the different types of internal communication roles, responsibilities and career progressions.

A high standard of internal communication is more crucial than ever before, so whether you are a seasoned professional, looking to improve credibility, a junior IC practitioner seeking advice around what skills you need to develop before making the next move, or a hiring manager building an efficient IC team, the guide will show you how to do just that.

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Created in partnership with the Institute of Internal Communication.