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Inside Insight: The impact of Covid-19 on internal communications

The impact of Covid-19 on internal communications

We have carried out our Inside Insight research for almost a decade, and each year has highlighted small but progressive changes within the function.

We completed the research for the 2019 edition, but before we could publish the results, Covid-19 hit the UK. We realised that our research was now severely outdated. So, in the second half of 2020, we followed up with a secondary survey to measure the impacts of the pandemic.  

The challenges that internal communications faced in 2020 has been unlike any other moment within the function’s history. It was a pivotal year – the move to an onscreen world brought an onslaught of new issues: setting up employees to work remotely; keeping engagement levels high when apart and the creation of new digital channels. The work done by internal communicators helped to bring the function into the spotlight. For the very first time, some senior leaders were beginning to understand exactly why internal communications are vital to every organisation.

Our latest report, Inside Insight is a comprehensive analysis of internal communications in the UK market, covering strategy, budgets, team size, remuneration, professional development and more.

Informed through over 400 initial responses, and further 300 after the pandemic hit, we compare exactly how Covid-19 has impacted internal communications.

Get your copy of Inside Insight to explore:

  • The profile of an international communications professional

  • Influence of internal communications

  • What Covid-19 taught us about mental health

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