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Internal Communications Advisory Board

Internal Communications Advisory Board

Tuesday, 27 June 2023

08:30 to 10:00

10 Bloomsbury Way, London, WC1A 2SL

Internal Communications in Tech: Key points of Interest, Challenges and Best Practice

Join us for an engaging and insightful round table corporate event exclusively designed for Internal Communications professionals within the dynamic and ever-changing Tech sector! Andrew Harvey, VMA GROUP CEO, will be chairing and facilitating this discussion.

At this event, we will dive deep into the pressing topics that shape the landscape of Internal Communications in the Tech industry. Our open discussion format encourages collaboration and the sharing of experiences, ideas, and best practices among industry peers.

Key Topics of Discussion:

  • Impact of AI on IC Practice: Explore how Artificial Intelligence is transforming Internal Communications. What potential opportunities and challenges are presented?

  • Employee Retention: Discuss effective strategies to enhance employee retention in the competitive tech industry. Explore initiatives that create a positive work environment, prioritise work-life balance, and provide growth opportunities.

  • Change Communications during redundancies: Address the challenges of communicating redundancies within the tech sector. What strategies can we employ to deliver sensitive messages with empathy, maintain trust, and support affected employees during organisational changes?

  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP): How to develop a compelling EVP that aligns with the values, culture, and goals of your tech organisation.

  • Employee Recognition: Uncover the importance of recognition in fostering employee engagement and motivation. Discuss methods to build and implement an effective recognition program/strategy to inspire and retain your valuable talent.

  • Inclusive Internal Communications: How do you ensure inclusivity in your internal communications efforts, considering factors such as mixed time zones and fostering diversity within your tech organisation?

If you’d like to attend then please email to reserve a spot.