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Jack Pascoe

Jack Pascoe
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Jack Pascoe

Senior Consultant, Marketing & Digital

Jack headed up a digital marketing agency for nearly a decade, in the UAE and then in UK. In 2021, he transitioned from supporting global organisations with their digital strategy to aiding with their people strategy.

Jack’s knowledge, network and passion within marketing and emerging technologies lends itself well for VMA GROUP's clients and has proven to be a winning combination for senior marketing executive searches across the globe. Jack is a self-titled ‘solutionist’, someone who doesn’t quit, who will not waver, and basks in optimism and positivity.

“I’ve always believed my purpose is to help people, and where better to start than delivering our amazing clients top tier talent, enabling them to meet their commercial and marketing targets”
Recent Projects Include:
- Head of Digital & Content
- Marketing Executive
- Digital Marketing Specialist
- VP Marketing & Communications