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AI for Communicators | Webinar Q&A

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AI for Communicators | Webinar Q&A

​Our latest Lunch & Learn Webinar surrounded the exciting topic of AI!

We were joined by AI Integration Specialist, Fiona Passantino, as she explored the power of multi-modal AI tools and the steps you can take to integrate them into your communications function to superpower your content development strategies.

​It was a jam-packed session filled with questions, so much so that we couldn't fit them all into our 1-hour session!

​If you missed the webinar, or perhaps we ran out of time to answer your question, please see below to hear Fiona's insights:
  1. Do you see this phenomenon worldwide? Many of the CEO’s of Germany companies are still on social media platforms?

Worldwide = yes! Definitely; starting with the ‘usual suspects’ (USA, China, Japan), we are seeing more models pop up in France, UAE, Finland and more.

  1. How do you see the big discussed point of data security? It’s a big point in Germany.

AI systems collect, process, and store vast amounts of data. There’s always a risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and cyber attacks (remember ‘poem’ story). This can result in the leakage of sensitive information (personal data, intellectual property, trade secrets). GDPR and the EU AI Act give a few guidelines. Click here for some more information.

  1. Is Microsoft co-pilot confidential?

No LLM is 100% ‘safe’, no matter what they say! Also, there are future models always being trained and they need human-generated material for this.

  1. How would you recommend businesses approach AI to get everyone on the same page with how to use it - a policy, principles, training? How do you think we can best engage people in this?

I can! It's what I do. Click here.

  1. Are there ever any issues around copyright in terms of images that Dall-e creates or is it always an original creation?

It’s always original, but sometimes if you ask it for an image in the style of an existing artist it will be too close for comfort for a lot of digital artists. Look up the AI-gen song featuring vocals from The Weekend and Drake, a very interesting case.

  1. In addition to video/ photos, is there any AI that is capable of creating logos/ brands?

Definitely! All visual GAN or diffusion AIs can do this; Dall-E is better at it than others, and Abobe is great because it produces vector materials.

  1. RE: Turning anxious energy into learning - how does this extend to governance/agreed frameworks in your opinion?

Governance is step one for all company AI integration journeys! Click here to read more.

  1. You mentioned ongoing progress towards Sentient AI, but how can we currently best balance the benefits of AI-driven communication while preserving human connection, trust and empathy?

This is the big question at the feet of our generation, ours to answer… I don't know the answer to this one - yet - but I suspect the "non-technical" community is best positioned to answer it!

  1. How should internal comms teams discuss the use of AI generated content and tools with their agencies? Should we know what tools our agencies might be using to respond to briefs we have given them?

Definitely bring this up with your agencies; governance extends to those content creators working on your behalf, too.

  1. How do you credit AI generated content when you post it on socials?

Nice question! I generally say "Prompted by (human), generated by (AI Tool)"

  1. Is there a danger that all organizations will begin to sound/feel/look the same when we incorporate AI modalities? i.e. is a risk to this fantastic tec that organizations are still riddled with ‘corporate speak’, just on another level?!

100% correct! Yes! That' why we Humans have to get better at our surprising writing skills.

  1. How does using the music AI application not breech copyright?

It's just like visual or text AI - a token is a token, as they say. Making a lot of musicians upset.