Changing Communications

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Changing Communications

Following our last report in 2019, ‘Into Communications: The CEO Perspective’, we are delighted to announce the launch of our latest CEO insight report, ‘Changing Communications’.

It is no secret that the last three years made everyone reconsider many aspects of life, and the workplace has been a huge part of this re-evaluation. The world of communications took centre stage as the pandemic highlighted the importance of communication leaders to their CEOs and leadership teams. Additionally, the pandemic emphasised the importance of an effective communications team for a successful business. With the pace of change continuing to increase, and further turbulent times ahead, CEOs are looking to their communications leaders to play a central role in organisational transformation. So how were these communications leaders impacted, and how did organisations effectively deal with difficult decision-making throughout such an uncertain time? The aim of our report was to answer these questions, and develop a better understanding of what communications – through the pandemic, at the present moment, and in the future – looks like from the perspective of CEOs.

“Whereas previously communications would have been one of the voices around the table, during the pandemic they really were the centre of the team. That changes the dynamic of the future.” Carl Ennis CEO, GB & Ireland, Siemens

With over 40 years of experience, our expertise of the communications, marketing and digital space, alongside the interviews with Chief Executives has allowed us to create an in-depth report on how communications has adapted over the past three years.

Looking towards the future, the report highlights not only what CEOs needed during the pandemic but what they now expect and hope for from their communications leaders in the current climate and to support their organisations for the future.

“You can’t just say ‘Covid is over, so get back to the way it used to be, in the office at eight o’clock in the morning.’ You have to say why. What is the need for people to come together physically? This is where communication has a very important role to play.” Hans De Cuyper, CEO, Ageas Group

Alongside the discussion of the effects of the pandemic, key themes arose in our findings centring around an urgency to take action on matters across ESG with particular emphasis on ED&I, sustainability and long-term climate change impacts.

Messages being promoted by companies must be consistent, as CEOs repeatedly emphasised a focus on the company being aligned with its purpose and strategy.

I think it is becoming more and more important for organisations to explain not just what they are doing but why they are doing it. New generations of employees – millennials and Gen Z – are more likely to ask questions like ‘Why am I doing this?’ and ‘Who am I doing it for?’ Job Dura, Chairman Board Of Directors, Dura Vermeer Group

The report clearly identified that despite the past three years being that of fear and turbulence, there is now an opportunity to learn and grow from it. Distinguishing what worked and what didn’t, businesses can build a stronger, more capable workforce able to face the challenges ahead.

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