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Doina’s Experience in the International Recruitment Market

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Doina’s Experience in the International Recruitment Market

Doina Grubii joined VMA GROUP in 2021 as a Recruitment Consultant, specialising in Communications, Digital & Marketing, EMEA. Working on both permanent and interim placements, the importance of languages and international awareness is something she has particularly seen in the world of recruitment, no matter the sector.

Speaking six languages, including English, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, French and Italian, it is surprising to learn that Doina’s understanding of these languages arose from a love of watching The Flintstones, Scooby Doo and Looney Tunes. She may never have expected that a fun past-time watching cartoons would shape her working future, and set her apart in the faced paced international market of recruitment.

Moving to London in 2021 from Bucharest, Doina’s understanding of languages became particularly advantageous in the multicultural city of London where Doina started working with VMA GROUP. She recounts that she immediately felt prepared for the cultural diversity in the recruitment sector, naturally able to connect with clients and candidates, whether through communicating in their mother tongue or through a cultural appeal and empathy, which many others lack.

Not only an invaluable skill for recruiters, the awareness and knowledge of languages is additionally an attribute to candidates. Doina says that candidates with language skills immediately stand out. Their language skills highlight their awareness for other cultures, and increased memory span, both highly useful skills in the business sector. In a highly competitive market, Doina recalls that many English applicants rely on the common use of English in business, whilst non-English applicants boast language skills by speaking two or more languages.

The importance of languages in the employment sector is highly visible, whether as a recruiter or first time candidate. It is never too late to learn a new language, and it can be as easy as watching TV!


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