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6 Reasons to Work With a Recruiter

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6 Reasons to Work With a Recruiter

Are you reflecting on your career and thinking about what could come in the future? Yes? Then, it's the perfect time to start looking for new opportunities.

We know that the thought of trawling through job boards to find that dream job can seem daunting and long-winded. That's where recruitment agencies come in – recruiters are keen to find the right candidates for the right roles. The thought of working with a recruiter can seem off-putting for some, but working with a recruitment agency like VMA GROUP can aid you in your career in more ways than one.

Here are some key reasons to work with a recruiter to secure your next job:

Why Work With a Recruiter?

1. Recruiters Bring the Job to Life

Have you ever seen a job description and had no idea what the job actually is? Or that the job sounds uninspiring? Does it feel like all job descriptions end up sounding the same? When applying for jobs directly you might find that the job isn’t always what it appears to be, and you’ll only find this out after you’ve sat through a terrible interview or worse – after you’ve accepted your “dream role”!

So how can recruiters help? Recruiters can really bring the job to life; you’ll gain a full understanding not just of the role, but the whole team, the culture, the organisation itself and what it’s going through, the reason for the role being available and what your future boss themselves are like. Recruiters spend time speaking to hiring managers to understand the job in depth to ensure that they can find the right candidates. You’ll get a full insight into the job and all its surrounding elements before going through the entire recruitment process. This is crucial in helping you save time, and help you in avoiding a dreadful recruitment process for the jobs that you find out you don’t actually want!

2. Recruiters Will Take the Time to Understand You

Recruiters want to spend the time with you to understand YOU! Your skills, your experience, your passions and the direction of where you want your career to go. At VMA GROUP, consultants will meet every single candidate before putting them forward for a role to ensure that the position you are going for is right for you. You’ll often meet more than one recruiter which means you’ll have the opportunity to go forward for several jobs at once, opening your chances to find a job that you really, really want! Recruiters have excellent memories, so even if there aren’t any current opportunities available for you or you find you’re not ready to move roles yet, they will contact you, later on, should they find that perfect role that fits everything you’re looking for.

3. Recruiters Are More Than Just Job Providers, They’re Career Partners

Recruiters spend a lot of time researching and understanding the market to provide candidates with up to date information on market trends, what opportunities are available and what competitive salaries are for your industry and level. Recruitment agencies will also create thought leadership pieces - at VMA GROUP, we’ve produced various reports such as The View, Inside Insight and Bridging the Gap. These reports provide valuable insight into the market and can help guide you in your career and help when you recruit for your team. You’ll also have access to events and workshops! At VMA GROUP, we get the best speakers in the industry to speak on key topics, debate on current trends and look at what the future of the communications and marketing world can be.  These events will help you with upskilling and boosting your career as well as giving you a great opportunity to network with other professionals in the communications, digital and marketing space.

4. Working With Recruiters Means a Smoother Hiring Process

Working with recruiters can ensure for a smoother process as you won’t be left in the lurch when it comes to interviewing feedback. Recruiters will chase for feedback and will update you when there’s radio silence – even if it’s just to say that the hiring manager is on holiday! It also means that your profile won’t get lost into a black hole of CVs, because as a recruiter we will only put forward a small selection of strong candidates, ensuring that there is a response for each candidate. Working with recruiters allows for seamless communication between you and the client and you’ll be able to get hints and tips that go beyond the expected to really help you nail that interview and get your dream job.

5. You’ll Have Access to Exclusive Opportunities

Clients will often reach out to us to hire for them exclusively using our database instead of going out to market with a role. Because of this, you’ll have access to jobs that aren’t available for everyone, meaning you have a greater chance of securing those exclusive roles. Recruiters will also suggest jobs for you that you may not have originally considered. This is because they can see how your experience fits in what may seem like the unlikeliest of places, potentially opening up your career options and giving you the ability to try your hand at something new. Recruiters can also act as a sounding board if you’re considering making a big change in your career; for example, if you’re looking to move into contracting or moving from internal to external communications, our recruiters will always be on hand to give you the advice and suggestions you need before taking that leap.

6. You’ll Be Speaking to People Who Have Been in Your Shoes

As a specialist recruitment agency, VMA GROUP has a mix of both industry and recruitment professionals. We have ex-PR, Internal Communications and Marketing professionals who use their knowledge to not only understand the job but where it sits in a team and the impact that the role will have. These recruiters have been in your shoes at one point in their career, and they can relate to the issues that other recruiters may not fully understand. In-house recruitment teams may not always have the knowledge of these specialis