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Five Ways That an Interim Position Could Be Good for Your Career

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Five Ways That an Interim Position Could Be Good for Your Career

Interim and contract positions are an excellent way for employees to challenge themselves in new roles, as well as an ideal solution for companies looking to bring in some immediate expertise and resources. When a situation is fluid or it's difficult to put a fixed timeline on a project and permanent positions don't suit, something more flexible may be more befitting.
Interim positions can represent a valuable way for both enthusiastic young upstarts and professional veterans to advance in their career, whether it’s picking up some valuable experience at a top company or proving your well-honed credentials by stepping in to save a company.

Gain Crucial Career Experience

Experience is an invaluable quality to possess in any career path, and the best way to accumulate it is undoubtedly by putting yourself out there and working in a professional environment. For all the credentials and qualifications an applicant might possess, often it is the proven work experience that counts, as it shows that you can perform when it really matters.

Learn Versatility

Adapting to new situations is a skill that is relevant to almost any career as you simply never know what challenges are going to come your way. By putting yourself into a fresh environment and a new company, you are showing any future employers that you can hit the ground running and immediately perform in unfamiliar situations. You will not only be showing this quality on your CV but gradually become a more accomplished, versatile and capable professional yourself by jumping into new situations.

Gain Industry Contacts

Having contacts in your industry and forming professional networks is a key asset to have and it helps a lot when you are in leadership positions. Working in different companies in interim positions allows you to meet important people in your field. This is important not only for forming professional contacts, but it can also be a priceless learning experience to see how the very best perform.

Step Into Urgent Positions

When a position urgently needs to be filled, it’s not always guaranteed that a special candidate is out there that can step in and fill the position. When this happens, companies will often much rather take a chance on someone who, although they may be very talented and determined, might not have as much experience. In a regular job position that employers are in no rush to fill, talented but inexperienced candidates may not have much hope, but this can change in interim positions and do wonders for the career of an up and coming professional.

Diversify Your CV

In a lot of cases, companies looking at a CV are going to be impressed by someone who has explored different industries, companies and fields rather than sticking to one particular area. Experiencing various interim contracts over the course of your career can bolster your CV and show that you are a diverse professional with a broad set of skills.

Should I Put an Interim Position on My LinkedIn Profile?

Absolutely, interim positions address gaps in employment and might add experience that highlights versatility, adaptability and potential contacts for your future roles. If the interim position aligns with your career goals, showcasing it can be particularly valuable.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can support you in your search for an interim contract, please don't hesitate to get in touch.