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Five Best Digital Communication Jobs

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Five Best Digital Communication Jobs

What Makes You So Special? Employment opportunities for digital communications specialists continue to increase, with fantastic positions for those looking to progress within the sector. Compared to five years ago, there is so much more scope to move into a range of roles. We take a look at some of the most appealing digital communications jobs currently available.

Digital Communications Executive
This is a great choice if you love creating rich and engaging content on a range of social and digital platforms and building engagement strategies with your target audience. You are likely to be creating content schedules, working with expert bloggers to curate quality content, and you may also be gathering analytics to measure success and areas for development.

Digital Communication Consultant
This is the perfect job for someone with plenty of experience who may wish to work on a contract or freelance basis. You would be advising businesses on their social and digital development and helping them to use available channels in a way that brings measurable results against their objectives. It's a great knowledge-sharing role, and consultants will take an advisory position rather than acting as the 'do-ers'.

Content Specialist
If you want to work for yourself - or ghost-write for a personality or brand - then a full-time content specialist role can be fantastic. In this position, you provide fresh and unique content that relates to the brand or individual, creating content for online, rich media, images and more. Many celebrities have PR specialists who employ ghostwriters, they can earn a great deal of money - although some content writers themselves also become celebrities in their own right for building up powerful follower bases and developing content strategies that lead to lucrative sponsorship and affiliate deals.

PR Specialist
Many modern PR jobs now span across into the world of digital communications, and this can be very satisfying for those who love telling stories and engaging with the media and who want to develop new skills across emerging channels. If you can develop the traditional PR and communications skills, and combine them with modern digital know-how, then you'll find a whole world of exciting opportunities opening up to you.

Digital Freelancer
It's a great choice if you love diversity, flexibility and the chance to work across a wide range of projects and brands, and freelancers are hotly in demand for part-time, flexible and contract roles, especially for businesses that aren't in a position to bring in permanent in-house staff but who want to benefit from the expertise that these digital communications specialists can offer. This type of work is very popular with so-called millennials, who are seeking a work-life balance and flexibility along with financial independence rather than simply seeking big money and corporate perks.

To find the best digital communications jobs, you need to be active on the very channels you'd be working on and ready to network like a pro in the online and offline space. Register with a specialist communications recruiter to access the best jobs first, and always seek out new opportunities to grow your skills and to gain new experience.

If you are interested in talking to one of our experienced Consultants about developing your career in digital communications, please contact Lucy Cairncross for permanent opportunities or Matthew Gibbs for interim opportunities today.