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Mixing It Up...

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Mixing It Up...

It’s almost impossible to say what new communication platforms will be around next year, or which ones will dip in significance or even cease to exist.

Marketing communications, or ‘marcomms’ is one of the fastest-moving sectors to work in, and it is clear to me that it is a field that is constantly growing in importance as companies continue to place an emphasis on managing their brand reputations to support growth.

Tasked with heading up this sector at VMA GROUP, I wanted to find out more. Sally Robins, Director of Marketing and Communications at Arqiva telecoms, kindly agreed to speak at a networking event I was hosting. Her presentation, combined with the thoughts and suggestions from the engaged audience, came up with the following:

Integrated Marketing Communications – why?
Customers want an integrated, seamless message. B2B buyers want insight, engagement, a personalised approach and human contact. In order to be top of your game, you will need to demonstrate an ‘al-encompassing’ awareness of channels and how they complement each other. Sally recommended that for anyone looking to progress in their current role or secure their dreams marcomms position, the ability to demonstrate an awareness of communications platforms will certainly put you in good stead.

ROI (return on investment) – those three little letters that depend on whether you land that annual bonus or not. It is top of any board’s agenda, and understandably so. Any marcomms professional looking to make their mark must be able utilise analytic tools in order to support marketing activity, and also to dictate future strategies.

Content master
In a world where methods of communication are constantly adapting, content is one element that will surpass all others. Without the right content, used at the right time, on the right platform, communications strategies will fail. A marcomms professional will be able to demonstrate that they can create engaging content, tailored to each channel.

Managerial skills
My second speaker, Fiona Murray, Global Head of Marketing at VMA GROUP, stated that today’s CMO or Marketing Director is essentially a conductor, tuning an entire orchestra of specialists with specified technical skills towards a shared objective and vision. In order for you to achieve the level of a conductor, developing your managerial skills is essential.

Benefits of this approach

  • Increasing the value of marketing for target audiences while reducing costs

  • Consistent, effective messages conveying the brand story and creating awareness

  • Creating a plan for the year and set a foundation for next year’s plan

  • Monitor performance

  • Targeting and relevant to customers

  • Creating a seamless experience for customers

Marcomms is one of the fastest-moving arenas to work in and change is the new normal – keep the above discussion points in mind, and one day you too will see yourself conducting your own band.

Written by Greg Vlasveld-Lawler. 

To find out how we can help you develop your career in marketing communications, or if you are looking to hire marketing communications talent into your team, call one of our experienced consultants today: Elinor Lara for permanent opportunities or Karl Ramsaran for interim opportunities.