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Inside Insight 2016

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Inside Insight 2016

The fifth annual VMA Internal Communications market survey reveals some important trends within the Internal Communications profession. The report provides interesting insight and analysis, not least that over 50% of respondents to our survey have a decade of experience or more, meaning IC can no longer be defined as a "new" discipline.

With the maturing of the profession, team sizes and roles are also growing with over a third of IC functions expanding their headcount in 2015 and a further third again intending to grow in 2016. If this unprecedented increase in hiring intentions becomes a reality, this presents challenges for both recruiters and line managers alike. This is underlined by the huge appetite amongst IC professionals across all levels of seniority to explore new opportunities. 69% of respondents applied for a new job in 2015 and nearly 80% will be looking for a new role in 2016.

We've found it especially encouraging to see a large number of IC professionals considering themselves highly valued by their employer. 65% believe they have a 'voice at the top table' which is very pleasing. This is supported by 72% of respondents who believe the CEO truly values the importance of IC within their organisation, with 87% of these people stating the demand for IC will increase within their organisation over the next 12 months.

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