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Half of Comms Professionals Want Interim Role

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Half of Comms Professionals Want Interim Role

A new survey has discovered that over half of communications professionals would consider resigning to take up interim employment.

Findings in the second Understanding the European Communications Labour Market survey indicate that 52% of the European corporate communications professionals participating would consider leaving their jobs for an interim role. They cited better work/life balance, better remuneration and expansion of their portfolio experience as the driving factor.

The survey, conducted by VMA GROUP, the specialist communications and PR recruiter, also revealed a number of other interesting points:

  • 72% of participants reported that they would be willing to relocate to a new country for a new role – a crucial statistic for hiring managers who, according to VMA GROUP, often only explore recruitment solutions at a national level.

  • A staggering 87% indicated that if they were to change roles, they would prefer it to be to an international organisation.

  • 81% would work for a company of either the same size or larger, presenting a challenge to businesses with a smaller, more domestic reach.

  • 91% responded that they would prefer to either stay in or take up a management role if they were to change jobs.

  • As in last year’s findings, the company culture, development potential and management style of a potential company continue to be the three most important factors for moving jobs– salary came fourth.

The survey was presented at the 9th European Association of Communication Directors’ annual conference in Brussels, which VMA GROUP sponsors, to over 700 communications professionals. Here, a follow-on survey was carried out among attendees, which found that although development opportunities (50%) and company culture (34%) still dominate career decisions, participants at the conference are happier in their current roles than recorded in previous years.

Willem de Ruijter, VMA GROUP’s Executive Director for Europe, says: “Senior communication professionals today have intense workloads which have been further enhanced by the rapid integration of the different communication disciplines. Not surprisingly though they like this fast pace and we have noticed that it is when their workload reduces that they become most approachable for new job opportunities.”

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