Munslow will address this year’s theme ‘Communication Across Cultures’ with his topic Insights: A study of Africa Communication Trends.

He will be speaking alongside other internationally recognised speakers including Janet Morgan, director of global content strategy and planning at GlaxoSmithKline UK; Pierre Kremer, head of communication at the International Federation of the Red Cross; Alex Malouf, corporate communications manager for the Arabian Peninsula at Proctor & Gamble; and media training consultant Eric Bergman, BPA, ABC, APR, MC, FCPRS; among others.

In this session, Munslow will share the latest VMA Group Africa research conducted in early 2016 in South Africa among senior business communication professionals. This year’s research was undertaken in partnership with the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA), and the Africa region of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

As multinationals continue to expand into Africa, global players increasingly need to understand the communication landscape on the continent. This research, now in its second year, covers trends in recruitment, training and skills development for communication practitioners, business structures, salary scales, management buy-in to the function, geographic expansion plans, as well as investor relations trends, social media usage, and importantly, developments in research and measurement.

These insights provide a better understanding of career and talent development opportunities, and identify the concerns that keep communicators up at night. The study also provides detailed insights into the efficiency with which communication has integrated with other business functions, and how communicators are being measured on their outcomes and contribution to business strategy.

The session will also delve into communicators’ plans to expand their communication functions into Africa; find out why employees leave, why they stay, and what motivates them in the African market to seek new career opportunities; review how communicators look for new job opportunities, how long it takes to change jobs, as well as the tools used to recruit in the marketplace.

Munslow and other speakers will share their experience and expertise on a range of topics including personal growth, career advancement, communication management, trends, entrepreneurship, social media, branding and much more. This year’s conference theme encourages communicators to take a broader and more global view of communication by increasing an understanding and appreciation of cross cultural communication in a complex stakeholder engagement landscape.

The 2016 conference features a truly international representation of speakers, and includes a panel of CEOs who will share their views on reputation management and how they see communication contributing to, and impacting on, their organisations.